What ages do you teach?

In my studio I work with a wide range of ages from 6 years old to 90! You are never too young or too old to develop good voice practices.

What length of lesson should I take and how often?

The length of lesson and how often you take is a determining factor in your progress and results. We will discuss the recommend time when you audition.

Can I take just one lesson?

No. Lessons are structured as monthly lessons only. This is in order for you to achieve progress and the best results.

I’d like to meet you first before I sign up do you do a free consultation?

I do not offer free consultations as I hold auditions for all perspective students of the studio.  There is a $20 non-refundable fee to audition. I am more than happy to speak briefly with you via phone if you are not ready to schedule an audition.

What should I prepare for my audition?

Prepare 2-3 songs to sing in order for me to get to know your voice. You can sing a cappella, with a instrumental track or by accompanying yourself. Be ready to talk about your goals as a singer, what you hope to achieve and your musical background. The audition will last no longer than 15 minutes maximum.

What should I bring to my lessons?

Please bring with you either an iPhone or recording device of your choice, steno notebook and three ring binder for your music.

How often should I be practicing?

In order to progress and see results a commitment to practicing 20 – 30 minutes per day is necessary. This means practicing the techniques from the most recent lesson (preferably standing in front of a mirror), using the most recent recording as well as others materials suggested and not just singing songs. You need to develop the good habit of daily practice and not just leave it up to weekly lessons.

Music lessons of any kind require time in the day reserved for practice so you may not be able to say yes to every activity in order to create time for regular daily practice. While daily practice of 20-30 minutes per day and consistent weekly lessons are the best route to vocal success, some weeks are better than others, commit to choosing not to give up on you (or your child’s) targets when life gets out of control.

When should I start experiencing results?

Following the practice recommendations as well as others I give you in lessons is the quickest way to meet your vocal targets. Some students experience dramatic results right away in the first lesson while others are slower due to the above factors and previous existing voice issues, damage, age and other factors. Usually within 8-10 lessons most students are on their way to reaching their vocal targets however for other’s it may be longer.

My school is closed due to inclement weather will there still be lessons?

Most likely,Yes. The roads are usually cleared by this time and I do my best to keep an eye on the weather. You will be contacted via email  if I have decided to cancel lessons. Lessons will be rescheduled according to the Studio Policy.

Should I come to lessons if I have a cough, sore throat, cold etc?

Maybe. It is important as a Vocalist to learn how to sing through all conditions. With that being said if you are contagious or very ill please refrain from lessons and passing it around to everyone else by giving your hard 24 hours advance notice. Lessons will be rescheduled according to the Studio Policy.

I woke up ill, forget/found out I have a rehearsal can I reschedule my lesson?

Studio Policy requires a hard 24 hours advance notice to be eligible to reschedule a lesson for any reason. Lessons cancelled with less than a hard 24 hours advance notice will be forfeit. This means if your lesson is at 4:30pm on a Wednesday you need to cancel by 4:29pm on Tuesday in order to be able to reschedule. This is strictly enforced.  Please note if your director has added a last minute rehearsal most are willing to work around your already scheduled lesson if you speak with them.

I’d really like to take lessons but I am in a show, have track, a class, an alternating work schedule…

Please contact me and we can talk about what your schedule looks like to set up your monthly lesson times. If you are in a show most shows give out plenty of notice of the rehearsal schedule and usually directors are very understanding if you need to leave early for a regular scheduled lesson time.



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