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Celtic Vocalist Composer

Policy & Rules



Policy Agreement – Jillian LaDage




30 min $150 per 4 week month / $187.50 per 5 week month

45 min $225 per 4 week month / $281.25 per 5 week month

60 min $300 per 4 week month / $375 per 5 week month



30 min $95 for 2 lessons        / $142.50 for 3 lessons

45 min $142.50 for 2 lessons / $213.75 for 3 lessons

60 min $190 for 2 lessons     / $285 for 3 lessons


In order to schedule a lesson please return the Studio Rules and Policy signed along with the student questionnaire. Please keep a copy for your records.


Studio Policy and Rules:

  1. Full Monthly tuition is due upon the first lesson of every month in the form of cash, paypal or check made out to Jillian LaDage. *Tuition is non-refundable or transferable to future lesson months. If your payment does not process, for any reason, (the usual one being “I forgot to update my payment info after my card expired) you will be assessed a$40processing/

insufficient funds fee.

  1. A $15.00 late fee will be added to any tuition that is not received on time.
  2. Students are required to provide a hard 24-hours advanced notice to cancel a lesson (218.303.6711 or in order to be eligible to reschedule a lesson. Rescheduling must be within 1 month time of the canceled lesson as long as an open lesson time is available. In the event a lesson time cannot be found or agreed upon within this time the lesson will no longer be available for rescheduling and forfeited. Lessons canceled less than a hard 24- hours in advance will not be rescheduled and forfeited. *Lessons cannot be refunded or transferred to future lesson months in the event an open lesson time cannot be agreed upon or is unavailable for rescheduling and will be forefeited.
  3. Upon scheduling your first lesson with Jillian LaDage Voice Studio you will be charged for the full lesson time if you do not cancel with a hard 24- hours advance notice.
  4. A two-week written, paid notice is required to discontinue lessons.
    This means you must have two lessons, after the lesson on which you give notice.
  5. Lesson time lost due to late arrival is forfeited.
  6. Non-payment/refusal to pay tuition will be referred to an outside collection agency and you are responsible for any and all additional fees incurred.
  7. Emergency situations (at the discretion of Jillian LaDage) will be taken into consideration.
  8. I understand that in order to progress, I must commit to 20-30 minutes of practice per day (every one over 8 years old). This means practicing the exercises and scales from the most recent lesson (preferably standing in front of a mirror) not just singing songs.
  9. As a parent, I agree to help my child create this good habit of daily practice, rather than leaving it up to them.
  10. I understand that music lessons of any kind require time in the day reserved for practice, so I may not be able to say yes to every single activity, so I can leave time for regular daily practice. This is the only way to see results.
  11. At the same time, I also understand that all-or-nothing, perfectionistic thinking can be counter-productive. While daily practice of 20-30 minutes per day and consistent weekly lessons are the best route to vocal success, some weeks are better than others, so I promise not to give up on my (or my child’s) targets when life gets out of control.
Studio Liability Release
In checking below I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make

any other claims of any kind whatsoever against or its members for any personal injury, property

damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Jillian LaDage Voice Studio

will not sell your personal information to a third party. All credit card information provided will be held

confidentially on file to be used towards your purchases with Jillian LaDage Voice Studio only.

____I agree with the above terms

I have read, understand, and agree to the preceding Studio Rules and Policy for Jillian LaDage Voice Studio. Please sign below.


Name and Date





Flow: A Secret That Is Not So Secret?


The State of Flow.

The Rise of Superman – Steven Kotler

Eloquently put.

I find that I reach a state of flow creating music or performing in concert.

When a new idea comes.

Time seems to no longer be relevant.

What are your thoughts? 

Have you experienced a state of flow?